Language Arts Films was formed with the mission of creating entertaining content across all platforms, with a focus on film, stage, and the web. There is only one guiding principle: each new project has to be more ambitious than the last.

Scott | Director

Scott Garner

Scott Garner is a filmmaker, writer, and multimedia content creator living in Los Angeles. A founding former member of the improv/sketch group Dr. God, he has written for such iO shows as Big News and Top Story! Weekly, was the head writer for PopCo Sketch, and from 2009-2011 he was head writer, co-show runner, and director of the iO West Mainstage Sketch Show. He also co-created and directed the Language Arts live theater show The Great Depression Happy Hour at the Lab at the World Famous Improv, and is the director of numerous short films spanning a wide range of genres.

Alan | Writer, Producer

Alan Lebetkin

Alan lives in Los Angeles where he performs standup comedy and writes for the stage and screen. He’s written on sketch teams at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, iO West Theater, and the Hollywood Improv Lab. His videos and live sketches have been featured in national festivals including sold-out shows at the Seattle and Chicago Sketchfests, and the first (and only) sketch show at the Los Angeles Laugh Factory. Alan’s comedy addresses his awkward personality and tends to explore the darker side of the human condition. His latest script, Frankensteins, is a pitch-black comedy about a husband-wife serial killer team going through a marital crisis. Alan grew up in North Carolina where he also attended Duke University, graduating with degrees in English and Film.

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    What happens when the sharing economy goes wrong? That’s what we set out to explore in our latest film, which marks the first time we’ve ventured outside of comedic genre deconstructions and created a straight genre film – in this case, a thriller. We’re so excited by this change in direction, and are super happy to be able to […]